Oncology experts drive the GIRO initiative to advocate for equitable access to radiotherapy as an essential part of multidisciplinary cancer care

Richard Sullivan

Richard Sullivan is Professor of Cancer and Global Health at Kings College London, Director of KCL Institute of Cancer Policy (ICP) and Director, KCL Centre for the Study of Conflict & Health. Richard qualified in medicine and trained in surgery (urology), gaining his PhD from University College London. He was clinical director of Cancer Research UK for nearly ten years. He is also former UK Director of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs. He has led programs for NATO, UN, OSCE and other organisations in global health and post-conflict health reconstruction in many parts of the world. His most recent work has been focused on the basic package of health services in Afghanistan, civil-military co-operation in health in South Sudan, polio eradication and insecurity in Pakistan, and use of health intelligence in high security disease outbreaks. He has worked on over 9 Commissions for the Lancet and Lancet Oncology, including Global Cancer Surgery, and most recently being the Lancet Series on Pathology and Future Cancer Research Priorities in the USA: Lancet Oncology Commission. His research interests include global cancer systems strengthening, particularly around value and affordable cancer care in fragile and conflict-impacted countries, and the use of novel technologies e.g. virtual reality-enhanced surgery to build capacity and capability. Richard is an NCD advisor to the WHO, Save the Children, National Cancer Grid of India and the NCI Centre for Global Health.